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My Journey

I started teaching yoga in 2006 after graduating from The Yoga Studio College of Canada. Within 3 years I had established myself as a full time yoga instructor teaching over 20 classes a week, teaching studio, corporate, private classes and workshops. Through the guidance, generosity and encouragement of Val Petrich, founder and director of The Yoga Studio I was on the path to become the teacher and student I had always wanted to be.

I discovered Yin Yoga after an accident that left me immobile for 4 months. It was during my recovery that I discovered internationally acclaimed master teacher, scholar and founder of Yin Yoga Paul Grilley. I became transformed by his theory of practice and skeletal variations. I had the absolute pleasure of practising with Bernie Clark during my first training with Paul Grilley when Bernie was doing research for his book "Your Body Your Yoga". It was incredibly inspiring to spend 17 days in the presence of these two profound teachers.  The privilege of training with Paul Grilley both in his Yin Yoga & Anatomy trainings as well as his Chakra and Meridian training has transformed my teaching and my practice.  I not only expanded my skills to address my injury but advanced my understanding of anatomy so I can  help others who suffer from injuries and ailments. I continue my studies with Paul Grilley so I can share his wealth of knowledge with my students. 

I not only have a deep understanding of skeletal differences and the theory and practice of Yin Yoga but a passion for the practice that has healed me and transformed my life. My understanding of skeletal differences allows me to individualize the poses for my students keeping them safe and inspired. I teach my students how to interpret the sensations in their bodies both physical and energetic so they can move fluidly with strength and grace in their Yoga Flow practice and be still and at peace in the long holds of Yin Yoga. Students begin to experience not only the physical benefits of their practice but the emotional and mental benefits as well. 

 It is my joy and privelege to be able to teach this beautiful practice to my students. I have been teaching  yoga classes and workshops since 2006. I hold a 1000 Hour Certificate from the Yoga Studio College of Canada and a 300 Hour Advanced Yin Yoga Studies Diploma from Paul Grilley.​ 

I am forever grateful to my teachers, Val Petrich & Paul Grilley.

Debby Sereda 

"Whether we are moving in a dynamic flow or holding in stillness a deep Yin pose it is essential that we begin as students to move away from focusing on the physical discomforts a pose can bring to a deeper awareness and meditation within the hold. It is through this awareness  we can bring harmony and balance, not only into our practice,  but into our lives."


1000 Hour RYT      The Yoga Studio College of Canada  

300 Hour Yin Yoga Advanced Studies Diploma from Yin Yoga Founder Paul Grilley 

200 E-RYT Yoga Alliance

YACEP Yoga Alliance Continueing Education Provider

Teaching Yoga classes and workshops since 2006. 



Calgary, Alberta, Canada