Now Live Streaming Yogamaya Classes

It's Time to Reconnect!

This is a difficult time for all of us as we try to navigate through our new normal. With Spring approaching we are moving into a Yang energy but with self isolation we are forced to dwell in the energy of yin. We cannot change what is happening around us but we can change how we react to it, how we choose to spend this gift of time we were given.

I am now offering 5 live stream classes a week via Zoom. Enjoy your practice in the comfort of your own home. The cost is minimal but if you find yourself financially unable to pay for the classes just send me an email and they are complimentary for you. I will not turn anyone away due to financial hardship. I too am without income or insurance. I understand and I am here for you.  We will get through this together.



How to Register with Zoom

Zoom is a live streaming platform that is compatible will all devices. In order to participate in the classes you must register with them. Zoom accounts are free! Please click here to get your free Zoom account.

Studio classes ( suspended due to covid 19)

Specialized Classes


Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Next Training May 15 - 18 - 2020

Learn the functional approach to teaching with brilliant anatomical and structural insight that will  revolutionise your teaching and practice knowledge. This training is suitable for all levels of teachers and students who wish to learn how to practise and teach Yin Yoga safely and creatively. Fun and interactive, explore the beauty of skeletal variations.  Discover your love of anatomy and discover more about yourself and your students! Learn the practice and theory of Yin Yoga as taught by founder Paul Grilley. 

Anatomy and Theory​ 30 Hours



Calgary, Alberta, Canada